Zeeh Africa is committed to protecting the security of your data. We use a variety of security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

These measures include:

    • Secure data centers: Zeeh Africa's data centers are located in secure facilities that are protected by physical security measures, such as perimeter security, access control, and video surveillance.
    • Firewalls: Zeeh Africa uses firewalls to protect our network from unauthorized access. Firewalls are software programs that monitor network traffic and block unauthorized access.
    • Encryption: Zeeh Africa encrypts your data when it is stored on our servers or transmitted over our network. Encryption is a process that scrambles your data so that it cannot be read by unauthorized individuals
    • Access controls: Zeeh Africa uses access controls to limit who can access your data. Access controls are policies and procedures that determine who has permission to access your data and what they can do with it.
    • Regular security audits: Zeeh Africa conducts regular security audits to assess the security of our systems and to identify any potential vulnerabilities. Security audits are a process of testing and evaluating our security measures to ensure that they are effective.

    Here are some additional tips for keeping your data safe:

      • Use strong passwords: Your passwords should be at least 12 characters long and should include a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
      • Be careful about what information you share online: Do not share your personal information, such as your Social Security number or credit card number, with anyone you do not know and trust.
      • Be aware of phishing scams: Phishing scams are emails or text messages that appear to be from a legitimate company, but are actually from scammers trying to steal your personal information. Do not click on links or open attachments in emails or text messages from unknown senders
      • Keep your software up to date: Software updates often include security patches that can help to protect your computer from malware and other threats
      • Use a security solution: A security solution, such as a firewall or antivirus software, can help to protect your computer from malware and other threats.

      If you have any questions about Zeeh Africa's security measures, please contact us.